Tarvisio is one of the most important ski resorts and mountain resort of Friuli Venezia Giulia. A crossroads of languages ​​and cultures where Italy, Slovenia and Austria meet, the resort offers a thousand opportunities for an active outdoor holiday. Do not miss a visit to Mount Lussari: a fairytale place!

Experience the mountain at 360 degrees
Breathe in the terse area, admire endless landscapes. With skis, long breathtaking descents or cross-country trails immersed in magical forests. Or with snowshoes, to savor the slow charm of landscapes out of time.
When it is green to fill your eyes, however, you can choose from countless hiking trails (do not miss the evocative guided tours in the Tarvisio), go horseback riding or mountain biking. To emerge in large clearings that host shelters and alpine huts.

On the trail of Julius Kugy
An amphitheater of peaks of climbers and mountaineers, like Nives Meroi, who trains right in the Tarvisio area. Majestic peaks, remained unexplored until the early twentieth century, when Julius Kugy faced them for the first time. In the air of this legendary mountaineer, who was also a botanist, musician and writer, you can grasp the spirit. If you make your lesson your own: live the mountain to the full, enjoying contemplation, resting and resting. Because the conquest of the peaks is not the only end.

Natural havens
Up here, nature has always been free to express itself at its best. And he did it by dressing up with pearls. Like those two, blue, of the fusine lakes. Mirror of crowns of ridges and tall conifers. And also of migratory birds, deer and roe deer. The Natural Park of the Julian Prealps then, is a true mine of environmental preciousness, to be discovered also through original excursions.

Sportsmen of nature
The Tarvisiano offers to those who love outdoor activities a rich range of proposals. Between Nordic walking and dog trekking, rafting and hydrospeed (descents of streams in canoe or rubber boat), golf and paragliding, snowboarding and sledding.
In Pontebba, then, there is a very modern ice-skating rink, where you can dart with skates or watch the hockey champions.
And in the adventure park on Nevea you will tarzaning between tree platforms, catwalks, ropes and Tibetan bridges. In complete safety.

High altitude mystic
A magical place, with an enchanted village and a sanctuary reached by Italian, Slavic and German pilgrims. It is the suggestive Monte Lussari, not far from Tarvisio. From here the Pista Di Prampero starts, one of the most exciting descents in the region.

Engraved traditions
From the Krampus, terrible devils that with the sound of cries and bells announce on the streets of the Tarvisio, December 5, the arrival of San Nicolò, at the Resiano Carnival and the Museum of the arrotine, two interesting aspects of a very particular place, the Val Resia where one speaks a protoslava language that can not be found elsewhere. A world of traditions to be discovered.